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libexslt frustrations

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libxml2 and friends are wonderful bits of software with — it seems — no documentation. This is as close as one finds to useful documentation for these libraries, and it very nearly does the job. An exception: one can link to libexslt, include a header file, or whatever, but the EXSLT functions will not be available to the stylesheet without calling this function before the XSL transformation. (The only reference to this fact I could find was in a 2004 forum post.)



Something else worth noting is the excellent xsltproc program (distributed with libxslt), which is invoked as follows:

xsltproc --param Session "'Sess1'" --param Subject "'S1'" --param Trace "'Velum'" ssanova.xsl December11_xslt.xml


If the aforementioned magic EXSLT function is invoked, then I get the same behavior out of the libraries (via C-commands) as I do from xsltproc — following closely the code of the above-linked tutorial.


Written by nodisconnect

December 30, 2010 at 5:34 am

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